Arrow Rubber Stamp Co Ltd


P. O. Box 46298 – 00100, Nairobi

Tel: + 254 (0) 733 972 113, (0) 703 464 170

We are a Rubber Stamp Manufacturer and Marking Products Distributor for over 65 years and are committed to providing innovative and top quality products from the leading companies in the Stamping and Marking Industries in the World.

We are exclusive agents of COLOP, REINER, NORIS and PERNUMA products.

  • The COLOP range of products include All Steel, Metal body and Plastic body, Single and Multi-Coloured Stamps as well as Embossing Press (Company Seal). We also stock Pen, Pocket and Mouse Stamps.
  • The REINER products on offer include Hand Held Inkjet Stamps, Electric Stamps, Metal and Numbering Stamps, Automatic Time and Date Stamps.
  • NORIS inks for marking on any surface and also unique ink colours.
  • PERNUMA products include hand Operated or Electric Embossing and Text Perforating Machines as well as Security Embossing Machines.