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Specializing in the production of coloring tools, CARIOCAspa is a symbol of the best of “Made in Italy,” with products designed to free the imaginative powers of adults and children in a shared play of creativity and dexterity. 85% of CARIOCA® and CORVINA® products are proudly made in Italy and distributed around the world, with a global network active in over 70 countries and across 5 continents.

CARIOCA®, an international love brand started in 1965 by the inspired entrepreneur Alessandro Frola who, in the Turin province in the mid-50s, founded the Universal Company, which gave rise to CARIOCA® and CORVINA® and set the stage for the most important writing area in Italy and the world. Thanks to the CARIOCA® brand, Universal S.p.a soon became a global benchmark for felt tip pen production while CORVINA® become one of the best-selling ballpoint pens in the world. In April 2016, Carioca S.p.a acquires definitively the Company.

Today CARIOCA® offers the widest range of colored felt tip pens on the market, with 9 different tips and 15 different types of felt tip pens. To free the imagination and creativity of all children. To give the right colored line to every page.

The super washable inks of CARIOCA® felt tip pens are produced entirely in our plants. That is why we guarantee the whole family the maximum safety and traceability. We only use food dyes and, thanks to years of research, we ensure unbeatable levels of washability and brilliance.

CARIOCA® has a wide range of products, as felt tip pens, colored pencils, tempera, pastels, educational games and many other drawing tools, all manufactured and tested with the utmost care, quality and safety.