CASIO Middle East FZE


JAFZA View 19, Office No. 1101,

Tel:  +971 4 8850688

CASIO Middle East FZE is the regional subsidiary of CASIO Computer Co. Ltd., overseeing sales and marketing activities across the Middle East & Africa. CASIO has been supplying products to countries in the Middle East & Africa through sales agents since the mid-1970s. Beginning in October 2013, CASIO Middle East FZE has been working in tandem with sales agents in each of the countries and carrying out sales and marketing activities tailored to these countries. By promptly supplying products and services suited to local tastes and lifestyles, the company intends to popularize CASIO products and expand its business in the region

fx-82EX symbolizes a revolution in Mathematics teaching. Its display of input and results expressions is exactly as in textbooks. In addition to its unabbreviated icon menu, additional set of functions and a high-resolution LCD screen. Interactive, user-friendly and versatile classroom friend. TABLE FUNCTION that makes graph work a cinch. No tedious, error-prone evaluation of functions. This means that more time is spared to teach the Math behind the graph. Easy-to-use STATISTICS menu crunches data. And final a FX-82EX is a KICD Approved model to be used across all secondary schools.