FiveStar Printers Ltd.


Plot 58 Julius K. Nyerere Road,
Dar es Salaam

Tel: +255-22-2865668 / 2865662

Rapidly growing with over 3 years’ experience in the printing industry, FiveStar Printers Limited provides fast, professional and convenient service. Our main aim is to provide total solutions to various customer and industrial requirements-the reason for our company’s success. We have been noticed retailers bringing paper items from outside the country, such as Germany, Sweden, and … and now we as FiveStar Printers have brought the entire setup to Tanzania. We cater to a variety of clients such as hospitals, schools and offices, all of which have been impressed with our customer service, keeping up the excellent reputation FiveStar Printers Ltd has maintained since it was incorporated in January 2009. The company is led by a young Managing Director and a senior team of 50 years experience in the printing, paper converting and stationery manufacturing field. Our total strength is of more than 100 very innovative and dynamic team members, majority of which have gained 30 years experience in the same field.

Products: Notebooks, paper products etc.