PBS Connect Polska Sp. z o.o.


Ul. Annopol 3, 03-236 Warszawa,

Tel: +48 22 243 00 40
Website: www.pbspolska.eu

The PBS Connect Poland company is the Polish Division of PBS Holding – the European leader in the production and wholesale distribution of office and school supplies on the markets of Western&Central Europe and Asia. Business scope covers a wide range of activities: production, wholesale and B2B activities. We manufacture, import and are involved in wholesale distribution of branded stationery, office and school supplies. Our offer is addressed to specialized buyers – wholesale traders and office service companies on dozens of foreign markets. The selection of our product range is based on over 25 years of experience of our management team in dealing with the European, Asian and African markets, both as customers and suppliers.

The core offer is based on the products of our own brands like Donau, Q-Connect, Gimboo and economical line of Office Products. The offer consists of nearly 4.000 product items dedicated to wholesalers and office servicing recipients all over the world. The offer presented hereby has been compiled in accordance with the principle of “good-better-best”, which in practice means that it is extremely extensive, dedicated both to the extremely demanding Customers, as well as to those seeking cost effective solutions. The main manufactured categories are: LAFs, Multipunch Pockets, Flat Files, Letter Trays, Archives, Memo Cubes, Flipchart Pads, Other Paper Products.