Premier Grip Trd Ltd

United Kingdom,

Premier House, Waterloo Rd,
Llandrdindod Wells, Powys, LD1 6BH

Tel: +44 1 597 827 867

Premier Grip Trd Ltd is an established British manufacture of stationery products designed to store and achieve large volumes of documentary data. Premier Grip Trd Ltd was established in 1877. Ever since it’s achieved a reputation of the supplier of high quality stationery products (i.e. suspension files, treasury tags, box files, adhesive putty etc.) amongst UK customers and overseas.

Premier Grip applies both B2B and B2C concepts to its’ business.

Proper management, logistics and marketing allows Premier Grip to supplier its’ stationery products to large firms, banks, government organisation, educational establishments etc.

Premier Grip is a licensed holder of Bulldog trade mark.

Premier Grip stationery range includes:

– Premier Grip FSc suspension files All files are manufactured using German automated system.
– Premier Grip Treasury Tag either with plastic or metal ends in various sizes and colours for binding large volumes of paper, documents.
– Premier Grip Adhesive putty. Non-toxic. Available in blue or white. In 50g, 70g, 100g and 140g options as standard.
– Premier Grip Fsc Box files.
– Premier Grip Bulldog filing clips.
– Premier Grip Paper Binders wish Washers that are made of high quality steel.
– Premier Grip Bag handles for gift carrier bags that can be customised.