Text Book Centre Ltd.


P.O. Box 447540 – 00100

Tel: 0722560580, 0730735000
Email: customerservice@tbc.co.ke
Website: www.textbookcentre.com

For over 50 years TBC has been identified as one of the biggest suppliers of educational books, general books and stationery. In the recent years, we’ve added a wide range of I.T supplies. We are now supplying the computers, printers, shredders etc.

Our products are supplied in schools, offices, NGOs, Institutions etc within the country. With the availability of our website, we’ve made it possible to deliver within and outside the country at large. We’ve managed to get close to our clients by opening as many branches as possible around the city of Nairobi and beyond (Kakamega branch).

TBC has been supplying for other big companies across the country like Rexel staplers, shredders, over-head projectors, Bantex box files, Staedtler pencils, Faber Castell technical instruments, Pidilite, Camlin, Windsor & Newton and Marie’s art materials, Oxford Mathematical sets from Helix, Omega office and technical instruments.

Our customers are number priority and we do everything possible to enhance our services and make everyone one of you happy and satisfied.