Telsas Wire & Wire Products


Ataturk Cad. N.150 Alibeykoy
Istanbul 34070 Turkey

Tel: +90 212 625 6337

Company introduction: Telsas, based in Istanbul, Turkey, produces a wide spectrum of wire products, for stationery, printing and packaging industry since 1979. Telsas manufactures galvanized wire for paper clips, pins, staples for stationery industry and round stitching wire for the printing industry and flat stitching wire for the corrugated box industry. Telsas wire is sold in more than 40 countries in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Product range: Paper Clip Wire, Staple Wire, Pin Wire, Stitching Wire For Notebooks and Magazines , Stitching Wire For Corrugated Boxes , Stainless Steel Wire, Bag Tie Wire, Box Stapling Wire, Brush Wire, Copper Coated Wire, Galvanized Wire, Hair Clip Wire, Hook And Eye Wire, CO2 & Stainless Steel Welding Wire