Uchida Yoko Global Ltd


6F 2-4-7 Shinkawa, Chuo-ku,
Tokyo 104-0033

Tel: +81-3-3555-4781
Web: www.uchidayoko.com

We carry a wide range of products from digital-finishers, small-scale packing machines, stationary, office and institutions furniture, educational equipment and ICT products.

It is the Mission of Uchida Yoko Global Limited to procure excellent products to Japan from the World as well as to provide excellent products from Japan to the World. Our knowledgeable and professional staff looks forward to inspire, educate and provide services to a global customer base. Sincerely,

Machine – Uchida manufactures and supplies the world finest quality office equipment & print finishing equipment. See our products lineup that will enhance your productivity.

Stationery – Marvy – Uchida brand, under which the products are supplied, is loved for a variety of the items and its excellent Japan quality.

Office Furniture – Leading Japanese office equipment supplier with modern and functional office furniture.

Education – Leading Japanese educational equipment supplier for more than half a century.