Viktoria Fabric Dyes

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    Viktoria Fabric Dyes Demirtas Mah. Kebapci Han Sk, Kucuk Gorenli Han No: 4/A 34116 Eminonu, Istanbul, Turkey

Company Introduction

Fabric dyeing is seen as a demanding job by everyone. The reason is that dyeing requires workshop, additional equipment, follow-up and time. Since if one aims to make dyeing professionally, there is a need for a suitable workshop, supplementary equipment (certain chemicals and outfits) to be used in the workshop and certainly the time to follow the processes. 

Viktoria Fabric Dyes steps in at that point exactly. There is no need for workshop, additional equipment, follow-up and time thanks to Viktoria Fabric Dyes. Because the Viktoria Dye has been designed and developed accordingly. 

While dyeing your fabric with Viktoria Fabric Dyes, the only workshop you need is your home. Yes, you did not read it wrong! Every house is a workshop for you. What about the required additional equipment and chemicals? We thought about this as well; the additional equipment is your washing machine and the required chemicals are some salt and vinegar which are at your elbow at home. All that remains is to choose your way of practicing according to your imagination. The most important point is the environmental sensitivity of Viktoria Fabric Dyes. Viktoria Fabric Dyes are safely cleaned from both sewage and septic systems and do not damage the nature. 

product list

Spray Fabric Paints, Acrylic Paint, Fiske, Brushes, Fabric Dyes, Holi Festival, Food Dyes