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    Richhobby Goldkim Paint Chemistry and Training Tools Osmangazi Mah, Kanuni Sk. No: 8, 41700 Darica / Kocaeli, Turkey

Company Introduction

Colors and special designs represent the vitality and beautiful moments of life. Every new idea means a new project. As Goldkim, we work and produce for this. We are proud of being a manufacturer company for the international hobby sector. With our 25 years of experience, we look to the future with hope.
In line with the decision we took in 2000, we became a company that produces 65-color acrylic paints in the hobby sector, and has grown to become a company with more than 6000 product types, exporting to 35 countries around the world. Compromise on quality and customer satisfaction not only paint and its by-products, but also much more we tried to do. Our sensitivity to nature and given to recycling.
We produced our own packaging using waste materials and reached a daily filling capacity of 100,000 bottles in our own filling facility. Today, in our 11.000m² production facility, we will continue to push the limits of our imagination with our R&D team, which aims to produce products that catch today's trends for our art-loving friends.
As Goldkim, we promised that we would deliver our products to you, our valued art lovers, with the highest quality and most affordable price policy, and we always stand behind our promise. We are with you in every branch of art. We are honored to be in your life with our FUNNY KIDS products that all children can safely use, our ART-X series that helps to create works that know no boundaries, and our RICH brand, the indispensable product of hobby lovers' renovation and do-it-yourself work.

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65-color acrylic paints in the hobby sector