Paul Brothers

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Company Introduction

Isomars takes pride in providing the finest drafting tools, art materials and thanks to the enthusiasm shown by our customers' community that we are still growing and evolving. We are developing fresh ideas and new products so that we can provide you with the right tool or material for whatever project you might be needing for. Every like, every appreciation we receive seems like a feather in our cap and needless to say that we are so elated to see the growing: community online of amazing artists that we are currently supplying our products to various fashion designing institutes, engineering / architectural colleges, jewelry designing institutes and stores based in around 70 countries of the world including United States, South America, Europe, UK, UAE, Thailand, Africa, Australia etc.

product list

Mini Drafters/Sheet Container, Jewelery Designing Templates, Drawing Boards, Laptop Table, Technical Drawing Templates, NATO Troop Templates, Technical Drawing Combos, Human Figure Templates, Drawing Tables, Chemistry Templates, Designing Template, Creative Designing Stencils, Lettering Stencils, Alphabetical Template, Creative Fonts Stencil, Metal Clay Tools, Texture Stamps, Dip Pen Holders, Quilting Templates, Quilting Rulers, Shapes, Fashion Designing, Tailoring, Pattern, French & Ship Curves, Technical Drawing Pens, Pen Sets, Calligraphy Pens/Sets, Sewing Combo, Drawing, Calligraphy Inks, Fashion Designing Kits, Designer, Architect Kit, T-Squares, Set Squares, Metal Clay Template, Military Protractors, Aviation, Marine Parallel Bar, Divider, Protractors, Compass & Instrument Box, Scales, Rulers, Parallel Bars, Canvas Accessories, Bags, Protractors, Flexi Curve, Geometry Set, Drawing Brushes, Cutters, Pencils, Drawing Pads, Cutting Mat, Drawing Boards Clip, Black Board Geomatry Set, Portfolio Bag, Project File, Educational Boards, Colour Mixing Palette, Art Material, Wooden, Metal Easel, Canvas Stand, Drafting Chair, Stool