Kittrich Corp

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    Kittrich Corporation 1585 W. Mission Blvd Pomona, CA 91766, USA Tel +1 714 736 1000

Company Introduction

Kittrich® Corporation, founded in 1978, has established a global presence in products for the home including housewares, yard goods, stationery, and writing instruments, window fashions, organic bath products and pest control. Kittrich® has over a million square feet of production and warehousing in the United States with three strategically located facilities throughout the country. Promarx® division of the Kittrich® Corporation develops and markets multiple products in the Writing Instruments and Stationery lines. Promarx® is known as a prominent source to some of the largest office supply retailers in the world. Strength of Promarx® products is derived from use of exclusively developed raw-materials, components and processes. We combine unique ingredients, efficient production processes and economies of large scale production to bring reliable products at competitive prices to our customers. Trust Promarx® products to deliver great performance every time. Make your mark, with Promarx®!
• Setting higher performance standards, even for basic products.
• Superior components and ingredients.
• Pioneering new materials and technologies.
• Exceptional value at affordable prices.

product list

decorative self-adhesive and non-adhesive surface coverings; shelf and storage liners; non-slip grip liners and rug pads; back-to-school supplies, stationery items and writing instruments; sleep products, including mattresses and pillows; ready-to-assemble furnishings; eco-friendly soaps, laundry detergents and household hard-surface cleaners; safe, gentle and effective skincare products; non-toxic pest control, herbicide and fungicide solutions; pet care shampoos, conditioners and repellents; pet supplies and nutritional cuisine; promotional materials etc