Mitra Agro Enterprises Ltd

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    Ground Floor, PRB Tower, 32 P.K Tagore St, Jorabagan, Kolkata, West Bengal 700006

Company Introduction

Amigo Group is a public limited company, its headquarters located in Kolkata, India, a nation rich in culture and history. One of the largest calculator makers in India is something we are proud of. We have been able to establish a significant presence both domestically and internationally.

We have reached thousands of businesses across the globe thanks to our knowledge, excellent customer service, and excellent customer relationships. We truly support Make in India with the goods created and produced in India. As a business, we firmly believe that Innovation and Quality of our product has been our key to success, which has made us one of the leading brands.

The journey was started by Mr. Joydeb Mitra with a modest crew of just a few people and very few supplies. Amigo Family has been developed under his leadership and currently offers a wide range of goods. We currently employ over 500 people, and our diverse product offering reaches different types of businesses. We are proud of our presence worldwide and specially in the Indian market with more than 150000 retailers in our network.

product list

Desktop Calculator, Pocket Calculator, Scientific Calculator, Pens