Carioca s.p.a.

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    Via G. Verga, 40 ter 10036 Settimo, Torino Italy

Company Introduction

CARIOCA is one of the first international brand in the color industry, founded in 1956 and based on decades of tradition.
The history of CARIOCA has its roots in a territory with a strong entrepreneurial vocation. The attitude of the first industrial generation has made Settimo Torinese, the place were the brand has born, the heart of the world’s  most important writing district for many decades. Here, in fact, the story of a brand loved and recognized in the world by generations of children has started; the founders of CARIOCA- Alessandro & Ettore Frola- have  interpreted their vision of expansion and development by exploiting this environment and adding a new visionary way of communicating products. Communications, indeed, had a fundamental role in defining the Italian and international advertising narrative of CARIOCA.
CARIOCA’s aims is to help children all over the world to express themselves through creativity, enhancing it by training with the right tools. For this reason, CARIOCA provides the right products necessary for the development of children from the age of 1 year, with whom it shares the goal of improving our planet.
In the last years, CARIOCA has also become a paladin of sustainability, commited in researching and applying the most efficient solutions in order to reduce products and industrial impacts on the enviroment. The reduction of fossil plastic in favour of post-consumer plastic it’s one of the key areas of this policy. Besides that, the installation of photovoltaic panels and the replacement of the lighting system with LED bulbs allows to reduce the environmental impact of production.
CARIOCA is seriously committed to safety, its promise is in fact to offer parents a safe choice for their children in terms of physical security, cognitive development and respect for the environment.

product list

Markers, colored pencils, tempera, pastels, educational games and many other drawing items.