Techno Moderne TMS

  • Address : 
    179, les Mandarines, Pins Maritimes, Mohammadia, Algiers 16058 Algeria

Company Introduction

What exactly is Techno Stationery?
Techno Stationery is the first Algerian self-service distribution chain (founded in 2006), it offers a concept aimed at the democratization of cultural products (Office, School, IT, Technical and Fine Arts) for professionals and families.

Techno has adopted an innovative and modern proximity concept where self-service allows the customer to shop at ease with a wide choice of range and prices.

The Techno store asserts a strong identity through its bright yellow sign which stands out from afar.

Why choose Techno?
We have a comforted esteem due to the importance given to the quality of welcome and the human dimension in our relationships with our customers through a commitment which is “The One Stop”.

Customer advice is our motto, through training: Techno staff is at your disposal to advise you, guide you and recommend the products appropriate to your style of use, whether you are a professional or an individual.

What are Techno's strengths?
Techno provides you with a wide range of international brands designed for: The pleasure of learning, Comfort at work, Inspiration of creativity In each range you can find entry-level, mid-range and high-end products. range, which will allow you to make the choice according to your use and budget, all without affecting the quality of the product which always meets international standards in the field.

Techno is going digital through its e-commerce platform for better proximity and better service because quite simply we are “The Brand that thinks of you”.

product list

Office, School, IT, Technical and Fine Arts